The charme of Carnic cuisine


The restaurant “al Fogolar” offers a complete experience for all the senses. Food lovers will discover the multiple nuances of the typical cuisine of Carnia, the richness of its tradition and the pleasure of sharing and of staying together.


The perfume of herbs and spices  used for the preparation of the Cjarsons (the typical ravioli with herbs or chocolate filling),  the sound of soup bubbling  on the spolert and the sizzle of Montasio cheese and polenta on the grill will overwhelm you from the beginning of your stay.


What distinguishes us is the special care in the selection of ingredients according to seasonal variety, the creativity in accordance with tradition, the passion and attention to details and our hospitality in a warm and welcoming place.


A friendly and familiar atmosphere, the ties with the territory   and an inborn culture of reception will make of your stay an unforgettable escape from the everyday.  

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